About the game
Blackhole is an indie game I made with Fiolasoft Studio. It was released on Steam.

I was responsible for Art Direction and made most of the in-game graphics, including animations, GUI and VFX. I am also part of the decision making process for every part of the game.

It’s the year 2121 and planet Earth is endangered by black holes. You’re one of the crew set on an ultimate mission: to eliminate and completely erase these black holes. One day the astronauts encounter a black hole so massive that they are not able to avoid it by any means and their whole ship is sucked into it.

The levels are designed in a very unique way. There are 4 points of view that you can adjust by jumping onto a platform that changes gravity. When you do that, new opportunities open for you. You can reach places that were unreachable before and jump over gaps that were unbeatable before. One level is basically like four different ones and it is only up to you to try and find the best way through.​​​​​​​
Screenshots from the game:
Release trailer: