Me and a friend of mine started a coffee house near Prague. We focus on selling great Italian coffee and on-site made baked donuts and ice cream.

My job was to create whole visuals, logo, brand identity, interiors and website. Each donut has also a specific character which I designed and illustrated. Ice cream flavours also has their respective flavour illustrations.
Logo Design
As a part of visual identity, I reworked a logo that my friend got created by an agency, which was not working really good. The idea was to blend donut with a coffee cup.

There were problems with too many colours, too much detail and not very appealing illustration. Black and white version and version for dark backgrounds were aslo not great. I kept the typography, but it was not very well balanced visually, so I had to tweak it.
Donut Characters
Every donut has it's own character. They are used for promo materials, on the menu and on social media in different situations.
Ice Cream Flavours
Every ice cream we make has it's flavour illustrated next to it's name. We have over 40 flavours.
Touchpoints & Interior
This photo was taken shortly after opening, some parts are different now.
Here are different real examples of the touch points made for the coffee house. (and sorry for the bathroom photo :D ) Another part of the project was to create brand visuals for the actual coffee house.