My task was to create an app for a delivery box startup from scratch based on previous research and data. I also had to manage the whole product delivery of the app. Visual identity was created by an external company, so the goal was to implement the new brand identity into the app as well.
During the initial phase I created mockups for the whole user flow and discussed it with the client to optimize it for their needs and the needs of the target audience. Outcome of this phase was a wireframe of the MVP for the programmers to implement and test with users.
The testing involved real deliveries and real hardware (bluetooth locks and metal delivery boxes). I gathered data from couriers using the app on their side and also potential owners of the boxes. Most of the data was qualitative since it was hard to test in higher numbers.
Final result is an app that serves multiple purposes based on who is logged in. It can be a delivery management tool for the owner of the box that also works like a digital key for the box through bluetooth. Delivery companies can use the app to open the box without the owners presence. The app also has feaures for the servicemen to operate the box and gather data needed for repair.